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    • 26 OCT 17
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    Health apps that serve a purpose

    Health apps that serve a purpose

    We found this great blog post on healthcare apps that actually serve a purpose.

    Here’s an excerpt: 

    “In our technology-driven world, the smartphone is an extension of our bodies – a go-to when we need, want or simply think about anything.

    With access to Earth’s collective knowledge at the touch of a button, including information about our own bodies, each passing day brings more advanced and amazing healthcare tools. With so many health apps available, people are self-diagnosing before they even see a professional. And with so many choices, it can be hard to know which apps are the best.”

    Apps such as CareZone, WebMD and SugarSense, an app called “a must for every diabetic” are all featured. Another featured app is First Aid, from the American Red Cross.

    All of these healthcare apps and more are considered worth the time to download and utilize to manage your care effectively each day.

    Find the blog post here.

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